Hydrodynamic Cleaning

Hydrodynamic cleaning is a method used by a specialist technician and machine, developing working jet of the fluid connected directly to the filter applying pressure, liquid and special cleaning agent inside. (The application of a cleaning agent – a detergent is required). Our DPF cleaning machine is the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective DPF machines available to clean and restore oil-soaked dpf. 


Why You Should Choose Us?

Our Machine ensures the recovery of the original efficiency of the DPF.


Easy & Fast

Only 30 minutes to regenerate a DPF for a car and 120 minutes for a truck one. We clean the filter while the customer is waiting!

Verifiable Results

Thanks to the backpressure test before and after the cleaning cycle wich can also be printed on a receipt and give to the customer.

Effective & Innovative

It ensures ensures the recovery of the original efficiency of the DPF and it wins the comparison with the most common cleaning methods on the market


Simple, fast & a cost effective solution for blocked DPF.


Before cleaning, each soot filter is examined with an endoscope and additionally checked for mechanical damage (threaded sockets, flexible elements, etc.)

The soot filter is weighed and subjected to a pressure measurement. Using a electronically controlled fan and precisely defined amount of air is blown through the soot particle filter.

The Diesel Particulate Filter & Catalyst is cleaned using a combination of different mechanical, pneumatic and thermal processes. This restores flow characteristics comparable to those of a new particulate filter.

After the standardized cleaning cycles, the pressure measurement is repeated. If the soot filter reaches the reference values ​​of a new particulate filter, the cleaning was successful.