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As one of the best DPF cleaner in Dublin, Ireland The DPF Centre- is an independent family managed and owned business that places a high value on quality and customer satisfaction. Through personal and individual flexible support for customers, whether private or commercial, The DPF Center has established itself as a trusted service provider and made a name for itself. The DPF Center cleans all types of diesel particulate filters from different car and trucks. The company is not only specialized in this, it has gained great expertise and experience through cleaning thousands of various filters. These in-depth developed and trained specialist staff, who provide top-quality professionalism, guarantee excellent and fast cleaning performance of all types of diesel particulate filters. Looking for the best dpf cleaner or a dpf doctor in Dublin, Ireland? Contact us for premium dpf cleaning services at an affordable price.

However, this expert cleaning of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is also a sustainable service to the environment and health. The regenerating and recycling of the high-quality expensive originally installed particle filters saves resources, because the production and coating of these diesel particulate filters require a lot of valuable material and energy. In addition, the treatment of the discharge (ash, soot, other residues of oil, engine) from the filter and their special disposal as hazardous waste is very important. This prevents environmental poisoning and protects the health of employees working.

The DPF Center relies on professional cleaning, environmentally friendly compatibility’s and sustainability through recycling as well as disposal safety in accordance with the regulations and laws. The DPF Center is still much cheaper than the expensive original new filters of the car industry or even as the inferior replicas, which are now available, but do not bring the same standard of cleaning performance of the exhaust gases.

The key point is that The DPF Center is an original, quality and kilometer cleaner to match the expensive new diesel particulate filters in the auto industry, but cost up to 80% less.


"Great lads at the DPF Centre helped me get back on the road quickly."

Sean, Superior Paving

"100% recomeneded! Excellent advice from Mark even when he realised it wasn't a DPF fault on my car."

Steve McNevin

Mark was very helpful dealing with my car’s DPF. Thank you and I will recommend your garage to friends.

José Gonçalves
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