reasons to keep your DPF Clean

Reasons to Keep Your DPF Clean

The diesel particulate filter is one of the most important components of modern engines for diesel trucks. If you have a fleet with diesel engines, you have to know the way these filters function and the significance for DPF cleaning. If you ever wondered the reasons to keep your DPF clean then read on.

Here are seven good reasons to keep your DPF clean.

Fuel Economy

If you maintain your filter in good condition and clean, you’ll enjoy greater fuel efficiency. The DPF is part of the exhaust system. Even in the event that it’s only partially blocked the back pressure is increased within the engine. This impacts your fuel efficiency.


Regular DPF cleaning keeps your engine running smoothly. Actually that if your filter isn’t operating at 100%, your engine’s performance decreases.

Prevent Replacement

Diesel particulate filters cost a lot If you don’t clean them they may get damaged. Consequently it is necessary to change them.

Increase Resale Value

It’s essential to keep full and precise documents of the maintenance you’ve done to your truck. If your truck is maintained properly (that is inclusive of DPF cleaning when required) it will get you more value for your vehicle at the time of trade-in.

All Filters Will Eventually Clog

If your DPF performs as it should it burns away carbon dioxide and other particles from the exhaust. This creates ashes that slowly build up. DPF cleaning gets rid of these dust and allows the filter to function in the most effective method.

Stop and Go Driving

If your vehicle is frequently making deliveries and lots of city-based driving it is essential to have the DPF cleaned regularly. The frequent stops and go driving creates more exhaust particles , which can be a burden on regeneration and filtration processes.

Engine Warranty

If you fail to take proper treatment of your engines this could invalidate the warranty of the manufacturer. If you choose to visit DPF Centre, you receive top-quality service from qualified professionals. Find this link to find the nearest service center.

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